Use our resources or make your own to promote hand hygiene and cleaning at your school and get the community involved in doing their part to stay healthy and safe!

Use these resources or encourage students to help create resources unique to your school to promote proper handwashing. Here are some classroom project ideas to create helpful handouts and school displays:

  • Design a bulletin board and decorate it with colorful handwashing posters from students. 
  • Create a cartoon or storybook on handwashing as a class and display the panel pictures. 
  • Design table cards for your school cafeteria. 
  • Design a school handwashing calendar with timely reminders. 
  • Create a clean hands table exhibit. 

Extend the message beyond school walls! Consider posting links and messages on your school or district website and social media channels. Follow Healthy Schools, Healthy People on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more resources and social media content ideas.