2016 Award: "Los Guerreros del Jabón" or "Soapy Warriors"

Congratulations go to McBride High School from Long Beach, California who earned the national award for their bilingual handwashing campaign called "Los Guerreros del Jabón" or "Soapy Warriors."

This team wrote a bilingual song emphasizing the basic steps and timing to teach the right way to wash their hands. Students prepared classroom presentations. They also created bilingual posters for each classroom; the posters included the application of hand sanitizer as well.

The Soapy Warriors provided calendars for each student to take home, with stickers to track the times they wash their hands. These calendars had pictures of the most important times people should wash their hands, and were to be collected at the end of the month to follow up on the tracking of the students’ handwashing habits.

"Soapy Warriors" Project