P.E. Teacher Nick Epstein addresses students at an assembly during their 2 Thumbs Up for Healthy Hands campaign!

2014: 2 Thumbs Up for Healthy Hands

Students at Douglasville’s Dorsett Shoals Elementary School gave "2 Thumbs Up for Healthy Hands." The hand hygiene education efforts that earned the national award cut across a variety of classroom activities throughout the school.

Handwashing posters were made by the school’s Art Club. Fifth-graders read to kindergarteners and first-graders about washing with soap and water. The school’s physical education teacher, Nick Epstein, led a school-wide assembly about hand hygiene – all part of the "2 Thumbs Up for Healthy Hands" program.

Mr. Epstein said most people think of washing their hands as something basic, especially before meals. But he said what teachers are noticing is that many kids don’t take the time to perform that simple, preventative measure.

Shannon Hendrix, a registered nurse who serves as the health services coordinator for Dorsett Shoals and other local schools, said all 423 students at Dorsett Shoals were involved in the program that was aimed at making hand washing fun and educational. Read more...

Project Activities

  • Student Assembly
  • Handwashing booth at Fall Festival
  • Staff Meeting
  • Sign at school entrance
  • Posters made by the School's Art Club
  • 5th Graders read to Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • Apple Experiment
  • Handwashing Hands on Learning Stations