2013 SNAP Award Litchfield Senior High FCCLA Chapter

Litchfield Senior High FCCLA Chapter

Congratulations go to Allison McGraw, Kalley Spreiter and Abby Roediger who created a project that played on Halloween themes with the title “Germs don’t scare us – we wash them away” and a Handwashing Horrors movie

The students collaborated with Meeker County Public Health and the Minnesota State Public Health Department to bring Germ City to their school. They had projects for 3rd and 5th grade classrooms including surveys, science experiments and showing germ transfer with a black light. Each student was given a bookmark printed from the “It’s A Snap” website to remind them of our presentation.

The students painted the mirrors by the bathrooms with their “Soap, scrub and sing” message to remind students about everything they learned. In the middle school and high school they made signs for the bathrooms to hang up in the stalls and walls by the sinks about important hand washing statistics and facts.  

They also sponsored a hand washing video production competition for students in the high school.  The winning video (right) was placed on the school website, Facebook accounts and YouTube.  They used Twitter to send weekly messages about hand washing statistics and procedures. Their local paper featured our project and wrote a large article about our efforts. 

Their follow up survey was very encouraging with students reporting they now wash their hands over 90% of the time. 

This project reached over 1,600 students in their district and many brought this important message home to their families.