Students use GlowGerm to see how well they washed their hands.

Student K-12

Students, when you're sick you can miss out on class, sports, clubs, friends and other exciting school activities. That's no fun!

As you probably know, germs are often to blame for keeping you on the sidelines. But where are they and how do you beat them at their own game so you don't miss yours? Become a Germ Detective and discover the answers.

Discover the secret hideouts of germs and how they spread through this fun investigation activity.

Do the math! What if just one person does not wash their hands? How many possible infections could they create before coming back to school the next day? Download the Don’t Hand Those Germs to Me and share the information with your friends and family. Count all the people you come into contact with (and all the people they come into contact with) between leaving school and coming back the following day. How many possible infections could you prevent just by washing your hands?

Everything you need to know about handwashing you probably learned in Preschool. Click here for a refresher on the right way to wash your hands and when you should wash your hands!

You know how and when to wash your hands, now share these handwashing facts everyone should know. Click here for an Infographic you can post on Facebook or you other favorite social networking site!

How well do you wash your hands? Try this science experiment with your class. You will need a place to wash hands (with soap and running water), hand sanitizer, petri dishes, plastic bags and a log sheet or notebook to track your results. Click here to begin this mission.